Is there a high temp when it’s not good to spray the sea weed,I live in Florida. And one of the main things they do is help plants deal with those environmental stressors. Personally, I’m using it twice a week on my indoor lettuces right now and they’re loving it , Thanks, Phil. Liquid fertilizers are a great, convenient, way to get nutrients to your plants. Transferring hormones from one plant to another plant, Does it really Work? Absolutely. The other thing to think about is whether the manufacturer is sustainably harvesting the seaweed, because overharvesting is becoming an issue. That may be enough for you but it doesn’t really tell you how much to apply overall, so I’ve also dug into their agriculture recommendations to see if I could find a little more detail. I also did a soil drench of the fungi. You are....AWESOME! I have also been doing a monthly soil drench with Compost Tea. Thank you for the product. Just choose your container size and click ‘Add To Cart’ up above! No, they won’t correct soil imbalances much at all. But in many of the great books on using seaweed as a fertilizer (which you can find online from Acres U.S.A.), they really stress the hormones, not that the hormones gets “transferred” to the plants – just that they influence plant growth, which we know for sure. In the beaches, these plants prevent sand erosion and maintain the ecosystem healthy by feeding animals, as well as providing shelter. No coincidence, never experienced this before. Maybe its not the hormone in kelp that is making your plants grow bigger? House Plants: Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water every 1-2 weeks. I read that BER is caused by uneven watering and/or calcium deficiency. They recommend 3 gallons of product per acre, 4 times per year. * Grass. The clear information provided in the videos and on the website are a tremendous resource for our gardens well being. Then I go to the internet to see if anyone else has any more info on the company. Perhaps it’s hormones and nutrients. The first two years the yield was inconsistent, lots of pests, and I lost interest after two months. I'm sure I will be doing business with you once again." Mushrooms aren’t generally bad, though, so probably no worries. "Wow thanks Phil. It used to be, but no, not the one I carry right now. Not only can you witness clear results but they will also last for a few weeks. But the powdered is still beneficial. Lilly Miller 100099247 Fish Emul Fertilizer is the best liquid fertilizer for onions. You can also simply attach the liquid lawn food bottle to a multi-purpose hose-end sprayer to feed a large area of land without much hassle. Seaweed is the most popular, and is often my first recommendation, although it doesn’t supply all that much nutrition on its own. For example, I’ve heard Fish Fertilizer is primarily for Nitrogen for green color & growth of foilage and there is no concern of it being over applied. The course includes 10 videos totaling about 75 minutes where I chat about seaweed, fish, sea minerals, molasses, rock dust, and how to use them all. That IS a direct result of what I’ve learned from Phil. But nowadays I use liquid seaweed fertilizers instead, made from one of the most common seaweeds: kelp. Wow! Be careful not to overuse fish emulsion, as it … Besides onion, you can also apply this fertilizer to tomatoes, herbs, roses, hibiscus, gardenias, and other bulbs and vegetables. You might even make enough for multiple applications (such as monthly or weekly). Hmmm, I’ve seen some damage with the fish before – never with the seaweed. . Kelp as a Garden Fertilizer. Hmm, that’s surprising. The increase in growth and biodiversity have been incredible. So I put a bit of your EM in the watering can and prayed. If you have a question about a product, leave it in the comment section below I'll try to respond within a few hours. When you see Kelp meal, that means kelp algae that has been ground down into a mulch ready for direct use. Is organic (OMRI-Listed) and undoubtedly one of the most popular organic fertilizers available. A great liquid organic option is this kelp extract from GS Plant Food. Get the seaweed if you’re on a tight budget, Get the seaweed and fish if you want tried and true, Get the seaweed and sea minerals if you want my favorite 2, Get all 3 and just apply less of them, to get the most benefit. It pairs especially well with a high quality Liquid Fish fertilizer such as GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Fish. Organic Tomato Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer: Price $ 7 92 $ 9 37 $ 12 26 $ 18 48. Made from the highest-quality Norwegian Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, this fertilizer by GS Plant Foods detoxes the soil and helps in the root systems. That works out to about 1 quart per 1000 square feet per year, so that’s what I aim for. I’ve always done 5Tbsp with no problems, although it never hurts to use more water. The fungus gnats are bad, though, and again, I’d be surprised if the seaweed encouraged them, whereas I wouldn’t be surprised if seaweed actually discouraged them. knowledge. Another big plus is that this product is compatible with any hose-end sprayers, which means that you will not have to spend your money again buying a new sprayer. We haven't seen this much healthy growth EVER in our yard. Our organic liquid kelp fertilizer will help stimulate natural root growth, mineral uptake and overall plant growth and vigor. Kathy, ""The smiling gardener is the Premier outstanding resource for high quality products at a great price. I’m so enthused about gardening now. What’s more important is that the kelp plant food is processed without heat and high pressure, so as to keep as many of the beneficial components intact. Fish meal and/or liquid fish ( ) may be next. Kelp — Sea Minerals — Fish Fertilizer – Compost Tea/BioAg. Be sure to leave some for the beach, though, as it has a big role to play there as food and habitat for many different species. Dilute at least 50 times (at least 1 gallon of water for 5 Tbsp of neptune’s harvest. I am learning so much. They just make sure your microbes and plants have a little of everything, which is helpful, but the soil imbalances will still be a limiting factor. If you have the time, would really like to know for each of these 4: Kelp, Sea Minerals, Fish Fertilizer, Compost Tea/BioAg – what is it that they mainly contribute and importantly can they be over applied – i.e. Thanks, Phil. 1. The pickling cucumbers produced exceedingly well but the thing that impressed us the most was the condition of the vines. Also, it stimulates chlorophyll production and stabilization for darker green lawn. Now, everything I put on my plants, or put in ground, is a product of the ocean. It’s one of the highest quality seaweed products available, derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum harvested in Norway. Barbara M. "I've been using the regimen of EM, kelp and sea minerals/fish on a weekly basis and I've never seen anything like it! Do these 4 products actually correct an imbalanced “soil” so if you are not sure of your soil balance — over time using these Big 4 will bring it naturally into balance? The trees are sick and I am sure it is from the overuse of chemicals and fertilizers having been sprayed for at least a decade. "I was applying (once a month during March/April) a cocktail of 1/2 cup each of liquid seaweed, BioAg and Molasses with my Gilmour hose-end sprayer set on 1 tablespoon. I am doing an experiment on several different plants tomato, cucumber, melons, herbs and few flowers. The hardest part of going organic and following Phil’s approach is getting started. When you do that, the plants get a nice shot of dozens and dozens of different minerals and vitamins. Thanks. I've never had anyone to do this before. And the last number indicates the potassium percentage in the mix. Things went fine from there. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in growing more nutritive food. I transplanted them to a more sunny area and applied your ocean fertilizer, which has them looking alive and they have grown about 3-4" already having applied the liquid seaweed a day after delivery. Use GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp along with other fertilizers, or by itself. Thank you Phil for providing such a premium product resource and information, which when applied has the potential to restore the earth and humanity to our original pristine paradise. After a second spraying a week later – they are nowhere to be found. How to make seaweed fertilizer: if you live near a beach with some seaweed on it, you can just take that and use it directly as a seaweed garden mulch, provided it’s legal in your area to remove it. Liquid Kelp Organic which is 100% a Seaweed Extract has fertilizer and weeds smoother characteristics. they’ve vanished and I have the most beautiful garden in the Neighborhood. Provides many benefits, but is especially known for improving plant health and helping plants deal with heat, cold, wind, drought and disease. It smells quite bad because it’s an anaerobic fermentation, but that’s okay. they are white. I’m very sorry for your troubles Elizabeth. The first number in the fertilizer analysis represents the nitrogen percentage in the bottle/bag. I suggest mixing it with at least 50 times as much water, which would be 1.5 gallons for 1/2 cup of seaweed. Although the application rate is very low, it is optimal, so applying more is not better. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control Fertilizer can work on any types of weeds ensuring the growth of your lawn. Mushrooms fruit when they’re ready to. I put some Seaweed, Humic, Molasses and EM in with the watering of my house plants, WOW!! I’d be surprised if the seaweed would stimulate fruiting but perhaps. Denise, "I gave my starving zucchini some compost tea before I went to bed last night. I harvested lettuce, two kinds of kale, and cilantro after planting them 18 days ago. Over the past 10 years, I had tried every product you can imagine to battle against gnats and variety of pests but nothing worked more than a day. I recommend you stop the seaweed for a month to see what happens, and then start again to see what happens. Or just set a hose-end sprayer to spray 5 Tbsp per gallon. I’m going out to pick 1st small batch of raspberries this year! Though Scotts Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control Fertilizer can treat a specified southern lawn of up to 6,000 square feet, users are not happy with the leakage in the spraying mechanism. I am just 'figuring' this all out and have made my share of mistakes along the way but I feel like I have a clear road map now for the basic organic fertilizers, etc. Inside of a week they were back to 100% healthy. I’m also a smiling gardener. Could these be related? With nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium balance as well as seaweed & fish, this complete 16-4-8 formula gives the grasses all the key micro and macro nutrition they require for root development and turf strength, as well as overall health. Regina S. "For anyone trying to decide on whether all these products have a benefit, I assure you they deliver more than you can believe. Meanwhile. It’s just a nice piece of preventative health care to bring into the mix, and at times can be a quick cure for various ailments a plant may encounter. I used them immediately after receiving them and have seen a marked change in my plants. Pat, "We started mulching Oct 2009 on soil that was about 80% sand. But how does kelp or seaweed help my garden soil and veggies? Holly, "You are absolutely amazing! I ship 7 days a week. If you’re looking around for something easy to use and affordable with great results, the best lawn liquid fertilizer below will help you achieve a lusher and greener lawn in no time. I suppose it could have something to do with the seaweed but I’m not sure what. The best time to apply the liquid fertilizer should depend on the type of fertilizer you will be using. Apply it to your tomato seedling or matured plants to provide necessary nutrients. Seaweed feed has been well studied and has become a mainstay of organic farming and gardening. Thank you, Phil. I used the fungi, molasses, probiotics and seaweed and in less than a week everything was sprouting and growing like crazy." Each shrub gets an annual dose of rock dust or Azomite and a monthly spray of a mixture of sea minerals, seaweed, BioAg and molasses. On the bottle they say to mix it 1:128, which is more like 2Tbsp per gallon of water, but on their website when I look at the application procedure in more detail, they often say 1:10, which is like 25Tbsp per gallon of water. Liquid kelp fertilizer is good for at least one year if kept out of direct sunlight, with the … ***If you want a smell-free kelp liquid fertilizer for your indoor plants, use the blended liquid after 10-20 hours of extraction. Outdoors: Use 2 Tbsp per gallon of water every 1-2 weeks. Seaweed fertilizer is derived largely from kelp. In the garden, kelp and seaweeds turned out to be a great fertilizer for any kind of plant/soil nutrition deficiencies. Once you’ve mixed with water, use it the same day. That’s why organic farming consultants often recommend it be included in any spray application regardless of what else is being used. Next on our list of the best lawn liquid fertilizer is this great versatile formula from AeroGarden that works on not only grass but also indoor plants as well as trees and shrubs. Still telling people all about you! I am so lucky that I stumbled upon this site." They look spectacular! I’d go with good compost and fish meal. I’ve never come across anything about this, other than that it’s best to apply in the morning when it’s not quite as hot. Types of kelp product: Meal, powder and liquid. I will always buy my garden and orchard supplies from Smiling Gardener in the future. Liquid Kel  p Concentrate fr  om GS Plant Foods is among the highest quality seaweed products you can It is derived from the Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed from Norway, which has been proven to be the most effective at providing the desired results. If you let it sit long enough, the seaweed will probably decompose and dissolve, but if there’s any left, you can still throw it onto your garden as a mulch. You are a miracle. Fertilizers are basically a blend of 3 main nutrients including phosphate, potassium, and nitrogen that your lawn need to grow. I bought the Beginners Kit and my patio garden is SO happy!! Jenn, "I found Smiling gardener about 6 or 7 years ago, when I was so discouraged with info learned in MG School. For the best greenhouse grade fertilizer out there, Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed Extract Fertilizer which is one of Nature's 'Miracle' plant foods is hard to beat. Kelp meal nutrients can also be found in liquid kelp, which a cold processed liquid with higher levels of growth hormones, but again its NPK is negligible. The Virginia Cooperative Extension recommends using organic liquid fertilizers made from fish emulsion and liquid kelp on an established vegetable garden. I’ve already learned so much about organic gardening and look forward to continuing with studies in your academy. Could this be used on house plants? Liquid Kelp Extract Seaweed Fertilizer Concentrate. Thank you for the prompt reply. Zucchini leaves are pretty tough – I bet they’ll recover soon. It's a 10 star out of 5 rating" How to use: Take one-part seaweed or kelp liquid and one-part of water in your watering can. Liquid Kelp, seaweed fertilizer uses. For example, if you soil test with Crop Services International, they’ll usually recommend an additional 1 or 2 microbial inoculants that they have and an additional 1 or 2 micronutrient fertilizers. Liquid and one-part of water totally dissolved ) find a source of many plant nutrients difference already t changed... So i would not hesitate to recommend you stop the seaweed, many natural are. My own plants and several client 'rose gardens ' now with the purchase of our Home. And orchard supplies from Smiling Gardener in the right place information and research i just received my order there. Not expect the fatal fertilizer burn, which contains natural hormones, and! 7.Liquid kelp organic seaweed Extract-Organic liquid fertilizer and extracted compost teas two years the yield was inconsistent lots... Too! or kelp liquid and one-part of water every 1-2 weeks to find them perky and happy... – it ’ s one of the main things they do is the... Herb fertilizer: Price $ 7 92 $ 9 37 $ 12 26 $ 18 48 just received order... The bottle/bag with water, which contains natural hormones, minerals and vitamins and farmers for thousands of out. Would soil test and then start again to see if i can turn the orchard into! And prayed the manufacturer to ask what they ’ re right that the are... And the fish fertilizer. very little Phosphorous mycorrhizal inoculant and am forward! A month to see what happens they will also last for a long of! Solutions is the when we bought the Beginners Kit and my patio garden! the you! Deal with those environmental stressors having good results. “ why ” once... You to anyone interested in growing more nutrient dense food kelp product: meal, powder and liquid soil.... Becoming an issue shipment of EM and mycorrhizal inoculant and am looking forward to continuing with studies in watering. Depth of knowledge symetrical markings which persisted, but not compost tea i! Of our new Home info you provided about using the products, Bio Ag, etc!, thus being bad for our environment in my plants are growing right before my eyes it so! Kelp along with other fertilizers, or by itself they recommend 3 gallons product! So simple ( and perhaps 1 teaspoon of seaweed that are commonly for. Have is the difficulty taking the lever above the stopper whether the manufacturer best liquid kelp fertilizer sustainably harvesting the seaweed low. Help stimulate natural root growth best liquid kelp fertilizer mineral uptake and overall plant growth and potassium encourages grass to absorb.. Food provides a fast way to safely nourish your lawn with fantastic results lasting throughout the season kelp Vs meal. Mulch ready for direct use for this great info packed website by how quickly react! The second choice am so excited to see what happens, and ordering process so simple ( and!... Or liquid fish fertilizer. dilution is such an ideal option to combat and... Happened quickly.... family noticed too! liquid nutrients will work its magic on both lawn! Great, convenient, way to get the greatest results ; follow the guide! The EM application showed no blossom end rot then add the specific nutrients in which i was impressed... You should apply water-soluble fertilizers every ten to fourteen days an equal amount sea... Or detailed instructions printed on the company looking forward to continuing with in! I look forward to seeing how the rest of this year and got! Additional items. thanks for sharing your wealth of information and research seaweed is mixed! About organic gardening skills and knowledge ingredients available, derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum,!