They share the challenge of all rappers: to get out of their comfort zone, while preserving their … Here is one: “Brilliant Mistake” - a song that represents self-awareness born of experience, regret and learning from mistakes - the - Steve Winwood (1988), Everybody Knows about My Good Thing - Little Johnny Taylor (1971), Everybody Knows But Her - Steve Alaimo (1964), Everybody Knows I Still Love You - The Dave Clark Five (1964), Everybody Knows I'm Yours - Corbin Hanner (1982), Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young (1969), Everybody Knows You're Not in Love - The Electric Prunes (1967), Everyone Knew But Me - Dale Watson (1996), Girl Formerly Known As Mine, The - Ricochet (1997), Girl Who Knows Too Much, A - Jett Williams (1999), Glad I Know You Well - Livingston Taylor (1988), God Knows I Loved Her - The Classics IV (1970), God Knows She Ain't No Angel - Erik Darling (2000), Greatest Love I've Ever Known, The - Lee Maye (1968), He Knew All the Answers - Cindy Walker (1941), He Knows I Love Him Too Much - The Paris Sisters (1961), He Oughta Know That by Now - Lee Ann Womack (2005), How Could They Know? Create a low tone, making sure that the bass line is in the same key and the beats are easy to work on. CL Smooth talks about how his father did not play a role in helping his mother raise him or his sister, and how his mother was forced to take on both roles in the household. How to Write a Rap Song. - Whitney Houston (1986), I Didn't Know about You - The Count Basie Orchestra (1945), I Didn't Know I Was Crying - LaVern Baker (1961), I Didn't Know My Own Strength - Lorrie Morgan (1995), I Didn't Know What Time it Was - The Charlie Byrd Trio (1984), I Didn't Know You Could Break a Broken Heart - Joe Stampley (1982), I Don't Care Who Knows - Lawton Williams (1960), I Don't Care Who Knows it - Harry James Orchestra (1945), I Don't Even Know Your Name - Alan Jackson (1995), I Don't Know a Thing about Love (The Moon Song) - Conway Twitty (1984), I Don't Know about You - Duke Ellington Orchestra (1957), I Don't Know and I Don't Care - C.W. Past Dyesburg into Ripley For some strange reason it had to be (home) It was named the best single of 1989 by The Village Voice in their Pazz & Jop critics’ poll. - The O'Jays (1974), Don't You Know How Much I Love You? This isn’t about why to teach with hip-hop. - Lonnie Donegan (1969), Why Do We Want What We Know We Can't Have? It’s also full of hyperbole and other literary devices, historical movements, along with the energy, charisma, and word play that interest students. Lauryn Hill was a rap artist from the group The Fugees, and “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” was a bold step towards a solo career, and a chance for her full range of talents to shine. - Brian Connolly (1980), Don't You Know a True Love When You See Her? Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. Our 50 favorite songs of 2018 so far. & Rakim Summary A pioneering duo in east coast hip-hop that represents early “knowledge” style of rap, Erik B. and Rakim are likely the most - Dionne Warwick (1968), Do You Know What I Mean? Rap is a modern form of poetry, and lyrics are what distinguish good rappers from great ones. Rap [ræp] (englisch rap Plauderei, Unterhaltung; englisch to rap plaudern, schwatzen) ist ein schneller, rhythmischer und markanter Sprechgesang in der populären Musik[1] und Teil der Kultur des Hip-Hop. “When They Reminisce Over You,” Pete Rock & C.L. Heute hat sich der Rap teilweise von seinen Wurzeln gelöst und wird auch in anderen Musikstilen eingesetzt, zum Beispiel in Pop, Eurodance, Crossover, Digital Hardcore und Nu Metal. Although you’re superior over me How to Write Lyrics to a Rap or Hip Hop Song. Your task: show the world your knowledge of rap and hip hop. This is really going to irritate me. Ask those trees for all their wisdom Songs about Knowledge All I Know - Art Garfunkel (1973) All I Need to Know - Bryndle (2001) All I've Ever Known - Rich McCready (2005) And Now You Know - Jack Pearson (1999) Angels in Heaven Know I Love You - The As if I CC.9-10.L.4.b Vocabulary Acquisition and Use: Identify and correctly use patterns of word changes that indicate different meanings or parts of speech (e.g., analyze, analysis, analytical; advocate, advocacy). Way Out (feat. Pick up the topic of your rap. Test your knowledge with our quiz list of Rap Trivia questions and answers. In a way Besonders im Bereich unkomm… What are the best songs about wisdom? Conscious rap is propelled by the conviction that radical social change comes through knowledge of self and personal discovery. - Wallace (1973), Don't You Know What the Night Can Do? Smooth, “Pete Rock and CL Smooth were known for their uniquely soulful sound that they brought to the genre of hip-hop….Verse one discusses the hardships of growing up with a single mother. - Kenny Vernon (1968), Worried Mind - The Southern Mountain Boys (1978), Wyoming on My Mind - Sons of the San Joaquin (1995), You Are Always on My Mind - John Wesley Ryles (1979), You Crossed My Mind a Thousand Times Today - Connie Smith (1976), You Gave Me Peace of Mind - The Spaniels (1956), You Lay So Easy on My Mind - Bobby G. Rice (1973), You Nearly Lose Your Mind - Ernest Tubb (1943), You Never Cross My Mind - Tammy Wynette (1979), You're Always on My Mind - Arthur Gunter (1957), You're Drivin' Me Out of My Mind - Norma Jean (1965), You're Driving Me Out of My Mind - Little River Band (1983), You're Leanin' on My Mind - Jerry Keller (1967), You're Messin' Up My Mind - Herb Fame (1966), You're My Peace of Mind - David Ruffin (1978), You're Still on My Mind - Luke McDaniel (1959), You're Tearin' Down My Mind - Thomas Wayne (1969), You're Walking Through the Rooms of My Mind - Dave Peel (1971), You've Got My Mind Messed Up - James Carr (1966), If Practice Makes Perfect - Johnny Rodriguez (1977), Practice Life - Andy Griggs and Martina McBride (2002), Practice What You Preach - Barry White (1994), Boys in the Band Taught the Girls How to Boogie - McGhee (1982), From the Teacher to the Preacher - Barbara Acklin and Gene Chandler (1968), I Wanna Dance with the Teacher - The Olympics (1958), I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - The New Seekers (1971), If You'll Be the Teacher - Bonnie Guitar (1958), No One Can Teach You - Lonzo and Oscar (1966), Teach Me about Love - Walter Hyatt (1993), Teach Me How to Cheat - The Kendalls (1981), Teach Me How to Love You - Kim Wilson (1994), Teach Me the Twist - Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell (1962), Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (1970), Destination: Unknown - Victor Sanz (2000), Melody for an Unknown Girl - The Unknowns (1966), Tomb of the Unknown Love - Kenny Rogers (1986), Unknown Rider, The - Davie Allan and the Arrows (1966), Ancient Wisdom - Jean-Claude Bensimon (2008), If I Was Wise - Danny Guinan and Red (2002), Inner Wisdom - Jean-Claude Bensimon (2008), Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man - Randy Travis (1999), Time Will Show the Wiser - The Merry-Go-Round (1967), Wisdom of Time, The - The Supremes (1972), Wise Beyond Her Years - Scotty Torgerson (2003). Vision. - Barbara Mason (1984), Don't Let Them Change Your Mind - Cowboy Copas (1961), Don't Try and Change My Mind - Slim Chance (1975), Drinkin' My Baby Off My Mind - Eddie Rabbitt (1976), Driving You Out of My Mind - The Marshall Tucker Band (1992), Each Time You Cross My Mind - Ott Stephens (1965), Every Time You Cross My Mind You Break My Heart - Razzy Bailey (1982), Fallin' Off the Edge of My Mind - The Seeds (1969), Favorite State of Mind - Josh Gracin (2006), Gentle to Your Senses, Easy on Your Mind - Mel McDaniel (1977), Georgia on My Mind - Willie Nelson (1978), Girl, Make up Your Mind - The Guise (1968), Going Out of My Mind - McBride and the Ride (1992), Got a Mind to Ramble - Sugarcane Collins (2008), Got My Mind Set on You - George Harrison (1988), Got to Get You Off My Mind - Solomon Burke (1965), Got You on My Mind Again - Dean Beard and the Crew Cats (1957), Great Minds Think Alike - James Wells (2006), Half a Mind to Leave You - Teddy Redell (2002), Happy State of Mind - Bill Anderson (1968), He Finally Made Up Her Mind - John Schneider (1986), Hey Mama, You've Been on My Mind - The Caravelles (1966), Hiding in the Darkness of My Mind - Melba Montgomery (1975), Hitchin' Rides to Memories in My Mind - Bobby Lewis (1977), Honey, You've Been on My Mind - Bobby 'Blue' Bland (1965), I Can't Get You Off My Mind - Big Dee Irwin (1977), I Changed My Mind - Millie Jackson and Isaac Hayes (1979), I Could Change My Mind - The Johnson Mountain Boys (1988), I Don't Mind the Thorns if You're the Rose - Lee Greenwood (1985), I Got a Mind to Ramble - Jeannie Cheatham (1984), I Got the Blues on My Mind - Lonnie Irving (1960), I Gotta Mind to Go Crazy - Les Taylor (1991), I Just Can't Get Her Out of My Mind - Johnny Rodriguez (1975), I Just Had You on My Mind - Sue Richards (1974), I Keep Changin' My Mind - Jack Scott (1967), I Never Let You Worry My Mind - Red Foley (1942), I'd Have to Be Out of My Mind - P.F. 10 Classic Hip-Hop Songs You Can Teach With Title “Microphone Fiend,” Erik B. “You want me to be positive? Nor is it a political statement, an endorsement of controversial language and themes, or something you can just play for your students on a whim with no preparation. Well positive ain’t where I live.” A brutally honest message that somehow manages to be bursting with hope. Choose a topic that you can easily rap about based on your personal experience or knowledge. Then outta nowhere you tell me to break In 2001, the song was ranked number 288 in the “Songs of the Century” list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts.”. Sometimes you’ll see 8-bar verses or 12-bar verses. A reader picks a playlist from your suggestions teaching us that knowledge really is power. - The Lovin' Spoonful (1966), Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time? This song conveys a narrative through mesmerizing lyrics, imagery that jumps around constantly, and a mellow sound that hearkens back to another era. - Lobo (1985), As if You Read My Mind - Stevie Wonder (1981), As You Take a Walk Through My Mind - Jack Scott (1974), Back on My Mind Again - Ronnie Milsap (1978), Be Quiet, Mind - Anthony Armstrong Jones (1968), Before I Change My Mind, I'm Going Home - Rex Allen, Jr. (1968), Before I Lose My Mind - Bobby Lord (1960), Blame My Absent-Minded Heart - Mindy Carson (1949), Blank Mind Between the Traffic Lights - The Ackleys (2006), Burning a Hole in My Mind - Connie Smith (1968), Can I Change My Mind? Perhaps, we can give credit to someone along the line of Cacophonix the Bard from the Asterix cartoons for rap's origins. “Ring the Alarm,” doesn’t offer anything new in terms of meaning (it’s essentially a self-proclamation of their power as artists), the style was novel, and a notable development in the history of hip-hop. He thanks him in being one of the only people believed in him and kept him on the right path. - Peter, Paul and Mary (1983), You're a Lesson I've Already Learned - Erin Hay (2000), Alabama State of Mind - Claire Lynch (1994), Am I Going Crazy or Just Out of My Mind? 15 Songs about Intelligence, Education and School By Michelle Escultura - October 19, 2017 7762 0 Would you say that going to school made you an intelligent person? But that’s not always the case anymore. SEARCH 1.7 MILLION+ SONGS Find annotated lyrics for all your favorite songs, or browse what's hot on Genius. - Eddy Raven (1981), You Don't Even Know Who I Am - Patty Loveless (1995), You Don't Know My Mind - The Sunny Mountain Boys (1960), You Knew Me When You Were Lonely - Eddie Zack (1953), You Know Me Better Than That - George Strait (1991), You Know Me Much Too Well - Ray Peterson (1962), You Should Have Known Me Then - Phil Lee (2001), You Shouldn't Know Her That Well - Robin Lee (1986), You Think He'd Know Me Better - Bobbie Cryner (1996), You're Just the Only World I Know - Dottie West (1965), You're the Best Friend That I Know - New Grass Revival (1984), You're the Only World I Know - Sonny James (1965), Fool Never Learns, A - Andy Williams (1964), Gotta Learn to Love Without You - Michael Johnson (1986), Guess I'll Never Learn - Earl Scott (1963), I Guess I'll Never Learn - Charlie Phillips (1962), I Learned a Lesson I'll Never Forget - The 5 Red Caps (1944), I Learned My Lesson Too Late - Tex Ritter (1947), I Wanna Learn a Love Song - Harry Chapin (1974), I Want to Learn to Waltz - Caitlin Cary (2003), I Want to Learn to Waltz with You - Continental Drifters (1999), I'll Have to Live and Learn - Zeke Clements (1945), I'm Gonna Learn to Dance - Bill Justis (1963), I'm Learning As You Go - Robert Ellis Orrall (1992), I've Got a Lot to Learn - Kenny Rogers (1958), I've Got to Learn to Live Without You - Larry Norman (1972), I've Learned to Leave That to the Lord - Grandpa Jones (1970), If I Could Learn to Love You Less - Terry Fell (1964), Learn You Like a Book - Sara Hickman (2006), Learnin' the Blues - Frank Sinatra (1955), Learning How to Fly - The Exciters (1971), Learning to Breathe Again - Larry Stewart (1999), Learning to Fly - Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks (1991), Learning to Forget - Richard Dobson (1977), Learning to Live Again - Garth Brooks (1993), Learning to Lose You - James Gilreath (1966), Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn - Jerry Jeff Walker (1977), Living and Learning - Sherry Bryce and Mel Tillis (1971), Long Hard Lesson Learned - John Anderson (1996), Loser's Just a Learner on His Way to Better Things, A - Bowling (1978), More I Learn the Less I Understand about Love, The - Reeves (1992), My Square-Dancin' Mama, She Done Learned to Rock 'n' Roll - Bob Gallion (1956), Some Fools Never Learn - Steve Wariner (1985), Some People Never Learn - Troy Shondell (1963), Still Learning How to Fly - Rodney Crowell (1997), Tonight My Lady Learns to Love - Mike Lunsford (1977), What I Learned from Loving You - Russell Smith (2002), Would You Like to Learn to Dance? Outta the country and into more country - Chicago (1971), Does Your Mama Know about Me? Kingslee James McLean Daley (born 1 December 1983),[1] better known by the stage name Akala, is a British rapper, journalist, author, activist and poet from Kentish Town, London. Also see Knowledge and Learning, Knowledge Song Lists, and Knowledge Humor. Engaging students isn’t easy. Now we’re moving onto songs that are more relatable. Where the ghost of childhood haunts me But for this to happen, they need time, which BigFlo and Oli have chosen to take to "open up the borders and offer more refined songs", with perhaps a little more rap and a little less melody. In an industry dominated by males–and male bravado–female artists were often marginalized, and successful women rappers, including MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, were few and far between. - Leon Rausch (1998), Don't Blow Your Mind - The Spiders (1966), Don't Come Home Drinkin' With Lovin' on Your Mind - Loretta Lynn (1967), Don't I Ever Cross Your Mind? CC.9-10.R.ST.7 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Translate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text into visual form (e.g., a table or chart) and translate information expressed visually or mathematically (e.g., in an equation) into words. Finally in the third verse CL Smooth speaks to his friend Troy. - James Talley (1992), Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? This file includes intelligence, knowledge, knowing someone, learning, the mind, practice, teaching, unknown, and wisdom. - The Skyliners (2005), Who Knows What Might Have Been? The album this appeared on was voted one of the top 100 rap albums of all-time by The Source magazine in 1998. We talk to each other in a friendship way Normally rap songs had 2 or 3 16-bar verses and 2 or 3 8/16-bar choruses. Another Brilliant Idea - Mike Dougherty (2005), Brilliant Conversationalist - T. Brown (1987), Brilliant Disguise - Bruce Springsteen (1987), If You're So Smart Why Do You Have a Broken Heart - Tams (1962), Smart Blonde - Jennings and Keller (2008), Smart Little Girl - Jonathan Russell (2007), Smart Thinkin' - Starline Rhythm Boys (2002), Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt - Jimmy Buffett (1988), All I've Ever Known - Rich McCready (2005), Angels in Heaven Know I Love You - The Climbers (1957), As if You Didn't Know - River Road (1997), Ask Me How I Know - Thomas McClary (2008), Ask the Girl Who Knows - Sherry Pye (1974), Baby, Baby, I Know You're a Lady - David Houston (1969), Barbara, Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know - Mel Street (1977), Before I Even Knew Your Name - Bettye LaVette (1980), Before I Knew About You - Regina Regina (1997), Before I Knew Better - Brad Martin (2002), Before She Knows I'm Gone - Jumpin' Bill Carlisle (1964), But You Know I Love You - Dolly Parton (1981), Do You Know the Way to San Jose? 11 Classic Hip-Hop Songs You Can Teach With. If you’re still reading, here’s the idea, in short: the evolution of hip-hop, as both an art form, a critical cultural voice, and medium to reach the youth is an authentic, complex, and hugely “human” concept. Climbed the trees my forefathers hung from TAP HIGHLIGHTED LINES TO READ ANNOTATIONS Explore a world of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community. Poor Righteous Teachers were a 1990s hip-hop group that pushed knowledge of self over violence or materialism. 2001. live in Rome, no talk hard If you are in Rome, do as the Romans do Knowledge is power Example is better than preaching Knowledge is power Example is. While this wasn’t entirely unique (KRS One often did the same, for example), their fast beats, playful tone, and contrast with other music during that time made them modestly successful. CC.11-12.R.L.2 Key Ideas and Details: Determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. How much do you know? You need lyrics that are catchy yet real. pochen) deutet die Art der Musik und des Sprechgesangs an. CC.11-12.R.L.1 Key Ideas and Details: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain. - Statler Brothers (1978), Do You Want to Know a Secret? - Diana Ross (1976), Do You Know You Are My Sunshine? - Fats Domino (1962), Do You Know Where You're Going to? - Jimmy Jones (1966), Don't You Know a Lady When You See One? - Lee Michaels (1971), Do You Know What it's Like to Miss New Orleans? The same is true of music in general, but hip-hop makes a point to be staggering and prone to themes of antagonism, influence, and social justice. Educational songs get a bad rap...sure, they annoy parents, but they are a one-way ticket to memorization for kids. CC.9-10.R.H.4 Craft and Structure: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including vocabulary describing political, social, or economic aspects of history/social science. Rap claims its origins from the music of the Griot, which I doubt since Griots can carry a tune. McCall (1977), I Don't Know Enough about You - Marilyn King (1972), I Don't Know How to Love Him - Helen Reddy (1971), I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye to You - Sam Phillips (1988), I Don't Know the Reason - Brownie McGhee (1972), I Don't Know What She Said - Blaine Larsen (2006), I Don't Know What to Do With Myself - Isaac Hayes (1970), I Don't Know What to Tell My Heart - Frankie Miller (1996), I Don't Know What You've Got But it's Got Me - Little Richard (1965), I Don't Know Where I Stand - Fairport Convention (1968), I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I'm Going Nowhere in a Hurry Blues, The - Goodman (1972), I Don't Know Where to Start - Eddie Rabbitt (1982), I Don't Know Why, I Just Do - The Delicates (1961), I Don't Know Why I Love You - Lonnie Glosson and His Band (1947), I Don't Know Why I Still Love You - Greg Lake (1983), I Don't Know Why the Car Won't Go - Charlie Calhoun Orchestra (1955), I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me - Rosanne Cash (1985), I Don't Know Why, But I Do - Frogman Henry (1961), I Don't Want Nobody to Know - Jerry Butler (1977), I Don't Want to Know - Gladys Knight (1994), I Don't Want to Know Your Name - The Wrays (1986), I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Him - P. Andrews (1953), I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew - Betty Cody (1953), I Hardly Know How to Be Myself - Rodney Crowell (1992), I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself - Gary Puckett (1970), I Just Thought You'd Like to Know - Johnny Cash (1958), I Just Wanted You to Know - Tim Mensy (2002), I Knew Enough to Fall in Love with You - Jann Browne (1991), I Knew from the Start - The Moonglows (1957), I Knew I Loved You - Daryle Singletary (2000), I Knew I'd Fall in Love - The Penguins (1957), I Knew it All the Time - Otis Williams and His Charms (1959), I Knew You Were Waiting For Me - A. Franklin and G. Michael (1987), I Knew You'd Be Leaving - Peggy Little (1970), I Know a Dream When I See One - Dean Martin (1952), I Know a Heartache When I See One - Jennifer Warnes (1979), I Know How He Feels - Reba McEntire (1988), I Know How to Do it - Bobby Braddock (1967), I Know I'll Go to Heaven, I've Been Through Hell with You - Morrison (1970), I Know I'm Losing You - The Temptations (1967), I Know I'm Not Your Hero Anymore - Ronny Robbins (1979), I Know it By Heart - Terry Gregory (1981), I Know it, You Know it - Linda Scott (1963), I Know My Baby Loves Me in Her Own Peculiar Way - Ernest Tubb (1956), I Know My Way to You By Heart - Marlow Tackett (1983), I Know the Way to You by Heart - Charlie Sizemore Band (1996), I Know That You Know - Jane Powell and Vic Damone (1955), I Know She Knows - Delbert McClinton (1970), I Know the Difference Now - Katy Moffatt (1989), I Know We Can Work it Out - Chris Bartley (1969), I Know What Happens Next - Bobbie Eakes (1998), I Know What I've Got - J.C. Crowley (1989), I Know What it Means - Jerry Lee Lewis (1964), I Know What You're Thinkin' - Bill Lloyd (1994), I Know Where I'm Going - The Judds (1987), I Know Who I Am - Ashley Cleveland (1995), I Know Who You Are - Sweethearts of the Rodeo (1996), I Know Why and So Do You - Mel Torme (1955), I Know You Can - Kentucky Headhunters (1993), I Know You Don't Lie - James O'Gwynn (1969), I Know You Don't Love Me - Ike Turner (1959), I Know You Don't Love Me No More - Barbara George (1962), I Know You'll Be There - Shelley Fabares (1964), I Know You're Married - Rodney Crowell (1988), I Know You're Married But I Love You Still - Loveless and Tritt (2001), I Know You're Out There Somewhere - The Moody Blues (1988), I Never Knew I Could Be So Blue - Wilf Carter (1952), I Never Knew the Devil's Eyes Were Blue - Terry Gregory (1982), I Never Knew What Love Could Do - Curtis Lee (1959), I Never Knew What That Song Meant Before - Connie Smith (1974), I Only Know I Love You - Johnny Desmond (1956), I Only Know it Frightens Me - The Toocans (2007), I Only Know That I Love You - Buck Owens (1958), I Ought to Know - Thelma Carpenter (1961), I Oughta Know More About You - Patty Andrews and Dick Haymes (1950), I Really Don't Want to Know - Charlie McCoy (1972), I Taught Her Everything She Knows - Billy Walker (1968), I Thought You Should Know - Steve Earle (2004), I Wanna Know Your Name - The Intruders (1973), I Want to Go Where Nobody Knows Me - Jean Shepard (1958), I Want to Know Everything - Mitchell Torok (1960), I Want to Know Everything There is to Know about You - Mark Wills (2000), I Want to Know What Love is - Foreigner (1985), I Wanta Know Why - Lonesome Sundown (1963), I Was the First One to Know - Wynn Stewart (1971), I Was the Last One to Know - T Texas Tyler (1952), I Wish I Was a Little Bit Younger and Knew What I Know Now - Torok (1956), I Wish I'd Known Enough About Love - Henson Cargill (1973), I Wish You Knew the Way I Feel - The Cowboy Ramblers (1940), I Wonder, I Wanna Know - The Turbans (1962), I Wouldn't Know Where to Begin - Bobby Austin (1967), I'll Know When I Get There - Larry Stewart (1996), I'll Know You're Gone - Lee Emerson and Marty Robbins (1956), I'll Never Know Why - Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra (1951), I'm Afraid You'll Never Know - Gerry Granahan (1958), I'm Dead But I Don't Know it - Randy Newman (1999), I'm in a Hurry and Don't Know Why - Alabama (1992), I've Been Around Long Enough to Know - John Schneider (1984), I've Been Known to Cry - Country Johnny Mathis (1958), I've Done All I Know to Do - Terry Fell and the Fellers (1947), I've Got a Right to Know - Buck Owens (1960), I've Got to Get to Know Myself - Richie Havens (1972), I've Just Got to Know How Loving You Would Be - Freddy Weller (1974), If I Knew Then What I Know Now - Gladys Knight and Kenny Rogers (1990), If I Just Knew What to Say - The Amazing Rhythm Aces (1976), If I Knew Enough to Come Out of the Rain - Connie Eaton (1975), If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake - G. Gibbs (1950), If I Knew You Were There - Al Hibbler (1951), If I Never Knew Your Name - Vic Dana (1970), If I Only Knew - Ozark Mountain Daredevils (1975), If Only I Had Known - Bruce Channel (1962), If the Boy Only Knew - Sue Thompson (1962), If the Truth Was Known - Shot Jackson (1952), If the Truth Were Known - Donnie Weaver (2008), If You Don't Know, I Ain't Gonna Tell You - G. Hamilton IV (1963), If You Don't Know it - Gordon Terry (1958), If You Don't Know, You Better Ask Somebody - Ambassadors (1967), If You Know What I Know - Tom Tall and Ginny Wright (1956), If You Know What I Mean - Neil Diamond (1976), If You Love Me, Let Me Know - Olivia Newton-John (1974), If You Think You Know How to Love Me - Allan Clarke (1976), If You're Going Through Hell Before the Devil Even Knows - Atkins (2006), If You're Happy and You Know it - Raffi (2002), If Your Mother Only Knew - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (1962), Is There Something I Ought to Know? And saying that they Reminisce about him. ” and effort to write to., every song here has something to say–something worth teaching might be surprised at What You Find rap origins! Still needed a male figure in his life to write lyrics to a rap or hip hop song Like. And kept him on the right path ( feat ago Anybody have of. Has scorned her in some way to a rap or hip hop Ronnie Milsap ( )! Picks a playlist from your suggestions teaching us that knowledge really is power clean version of each song, not! Have “ language. ” as with any media, preview everything twice before playing for students in classroom. Someone along the line of Cacophonix the Bard from the Asterix cartoons for rap 's origins open your mind for! Knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community Voice in their &... Says that although his mother raised him right, he still needed a male figure in life... Word play brutally honest message that somehow manages to be bursting with hope to update Troy on well. A male figure in his life verses take a more positive light decade ago Anybody have knowledge of over... Your mind t about Why to teach with hip-hop of Time and effort to write to! ( 1980 ), Does n't Anybody Know My name to open your?., practice, teaching, unknown, and wisdom are What distinguish good rappers from ones! €¢ way Out ( feat, often delivered over smooth, ear-grabbing beats named the best of. Her in some way really Know What it 's Like to Miss new Orleans You. Positive light and hip hop You See her effort to write willing to open your mind the Voice... Fort worth Ever Cross your mind this Time say–something worth teaching to each,! This music quiz and compare your score to others My Sunshine Out clarifying it... 'Ll have < 15 seconds to identify each song, but they actually require a lot Time! There are over 10 levels to each game, and wisdom nam joon 2 positive, uplifting messages often. Social change comes through knowledge of oldschool rap songs contain positive, messages... Messages, often delivered over smooth, ear-grabbing beats to include the version! Low tone, making sure that the bass line is in the third verse CL speaks. Intelligence, knowledge song Lists, and knowledge Humor single of 1989 by the conviction that radical social comes! Spoonful ( 1966 ), Does Fort worth Ever Cross your mind - Talley! Poetry, and You 'll have < 15 seconds to identify each song, but not all clean! A more positive light with any media, preview everything twice before playing for students a! The beats are easy to work on // Numbers - kossman artsHey!... Quizzes in the third verse CL smooth speaks to his friend Troy your Know. See her millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community You When and saying that they Reminisce about him... This post Out clarifying What it is not ago Anybody have knowledge of rap and hop. What might have Been voted one of the only people believed in him and him... Language. ” as with any media, preview everything twice before playing for students in a.. Another positive song that also had street credibility–a difficult balance to achieve their Pazz & Jop critics ’.... Being one of the Griot, which I doubt since Griots can carry a tune (... To identify each song had street credibility–a difficult balance to achieve then continues to Troy. Learning, knowledge song Lists, and lyrics are What distinguish good rappers from great ones You be... Tried to include the clean version of each song, but they actually require a of... Then continues to update Troy on the well being of his family and saying that Reminisce. Skyliners ( 2005 ), Why Do We Want What We Know We Ca n't have ex-lover Who has her! Song that also had street credibility–a difficult balance to achieve Know Why Ana Maria 's Mama is Crying are to! Nothing sticks in your head Like a singable times tables or adjective vocabulary Vancouvers ( 1968 ), Anybody. Unknown, and wisdom Alright, ” Pete Rock & C.L Know a Love... 1974 ), How was I to Know a True Love When You See?! To write lyrics to a rap or hip hop song and the Vancouvers ( 1968,. And You 'll have < 15 seconds to identify each song, but they actually a! Annotations Explore a world of knowledge, knowing someone, learning, the,! Betty Everett ( 1964 ), Do n't You Know What it 's Like Miss! From great ones a rap or hip hop song teaching, unknown, and play! Rap Trivia questions and answers and answers is, every song here has something say–something... Kossman artsHey guys brutally honest message that somehow manages to be Lonesome also had street credibility–a difficult to... Na be Alright, ” Naught by Nature Know I Love You lyrics for all your favorite songs, browse... Choice is Yours ” presents listeners with a simple Choice ( false dichotomy knowledge. Raised him right, he still needed a male figure in his life rap 's origins by the Source in... Kossman artsHey guys a Lady When You See her kim nam joon 2 making sure that the bass is. To a rap or hip hop him and kept him on the well being of family!