ORONO The Maine Potato Board (MPB) is excited to announce the release of two new potato varieties, Easton and Sebec. Two researchers at the University of Maine have partnered with a team of plant geneticists and breeders to develop tools which will help Maine scientists and farmers become more efficient in breeding new cultivars and bringing novel, improved potato varieties to market, the university says in a news release on Dec. 3. After digging or uncovering from the mulch, let the potatoes dry in the sun for a few minutes. document.write(curYr); From our Maine farm we grow and sell many popular Organic Seed potatoes such as Yukon Gold, Caribe’, Reddale, and Adirondack Blue. PEACE AND QUIET! Large Nordic chicken producer invests in potato … Mule, oxen or horse-drawn wagons rattled by constantly carrying ore, pig iron or wood. The exciting new DNA-based tools that will be developed in this research project have the potential to speed up the delivery of new, higher quality, high yielding, pest resistant potato varieties to Maine growers and the U.S. potato industry,” says Porter. Fifty-one varieties and clones were tested at Aroostook Research Farm, Presque Isle, Maine. Red potatoes do not have red flesh. The Maine Potato industry prides itself on producing a high-quality product, whether that product is potatoes destined for your table, french fries, potato chips, or other processed potatoes. The potato is northern Maine’s primary agricultural product and in the 1940s Maine’s potato production was tops in the nation. Learn all there is to know about planting seed potatoes, warding off potato pests, gently harvesting your spuds and storing these rare heirloom potato varieties. Displayed in a eight-pound gift box, the Potato Sampler comes with our color Potato Postcards, clearly describing each potato and its best use.    Potato plants are herbaceous perennials that grow about 60 cm (24 in) high, depending on variety, with the leaves dying back after flowering, fruiting and tuber formation. in a wide variety of recipes that it is the most popular of the specialty potatoes. USA December 3, 2020 . A four foot wide strip of earth is fertilized (manured) and a trench is dug into the sod on either side. Today, the skeletons of a blast furnace and charcoal kiln stand silent, lone remnants of the Katahdin Iron Works. In the garden, simply cut or pull the tops as soon as the potatoes have reached the size you want. These potatoes also have coloured skin, but many varieties with pink or red skin have white or yellow flesh, as do the vast majority of cultivated potatoes. (Courtesy Green Thumb Farms) (Fryeburg, Maine) – In the fallof 2019, Green Thumb Farms launched the “Farmer’s First” program to develop new potato varieties for retailers – and to help consumers discover new products that work well in their kitchens. The Caribou Russet is the latest variety to emerge from the University of Maine experimental potato lab. In both Ireland, and the Andes, planting is done with what in Ireland is called the "lazy-bed" method. Farmers First, a program that tests varieties of potatoes with consumers, helps both Green Thumb Farm and the Scarborough-based supermarket chain determine whether to add the potato to … Around Maine   Two University of Maine researchers are part of a team of plant geneticists and breeders working to develop tools that will help Maine scientists and farmers become more efficient in breeding new cultivars and bringing novel, improved potato varieties … MAINE SEED POTATO PROGRAM ... Certain varieties may be protected under plant variety protection (TM), (PVP) utility patent, or other intellectual property laws. Replaced on most Maine farms in the 1940's by varieties that were easier to grow, "Mountains" are considered by many to be the most flavorful of all potatoes. Yields were good in this trial and tuber sizing was generally good. Pesticide control is especially important for Maine's potato growers because much of the processing potato crop in Aroostook County, the center of the state potato business, is russet potato varieties.
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