About Us


The LAND SURVEYORS BOARD SARAWAK is a body corporate established on the 1st January 2004 under the Land Surveyors Ordinance, 2001 which came into force on 1st September 2003, and responsible to regulate and license persons undertaking cadastral land surveys and matters incidental thereto in Sarawak.


To regulate the conduct of Licensed Land Surveyors to ensure conformance to best practices in cadastral surveying through :

  • Formulation and enforcement of laws and standards;
  • Upholding the highest level of professional ethics and integrity; and
  • Ensuring government and society confidence in the profession.


Registration, Licensing and Regulating the Practice

  • Formulate and review from time to time, and to enforce, the standards and requirements for conduct of cadastral land surveys in Sarawak.
  • Determine qualifications for registration as land surveyors including approving or rejecting applications for registration.
  • Keep and maintain a Register of Land Surveyors qualified to be registered and licensed, and a subsidiary Register of Surveying Assistants.


Fix (with Minister’s approval), from time to time, the scale of fees charged by land surveyors for professional service or advice.

Disciplinary Control

  • Order issuance of reprimand, imposition of fine, suspension, cancellation of registration, removal from or reinstatement into the Register.
  • Hear and determine disputes relating to professional conduct or ethics.

Professional Obligations

  • Represent the profession of land surveyors and act in interests of the profession.
  • Provide facilities to promote learning, training, research and education in connection with cadastral land surveys.


Generally, to do all acts necessary to carry out the provisions of the Ordinance.